Corporate Events/Team Building

Elevate Your Corporate Event with the Magic of Partner Dancing!

Looking to add a touch of fun, excitement, and entertainment to your upcoming corporate event? Look no further! Fleur De Dance is available to bring the enchanting world of partner dancing to your event!

Why Choose Fleur De Dance:

Top-Notch Professional Dance Instructors: Byron Bellew and Tammy Duke are skilled and experienced dance instructors that will dazzle your guests with their fun personalities and captivating dance activities.

Versatile Dance Styles: From Swing and Ballroom to Latin and Country, we offer a diverse range of dance styles that will suit any theme or ambiance you desire.

Audience Engagement: We specialize in interactive activieites that involve your guests, leaving them with an unforgettable and immersive experience that is also perfect for team building.

Award-Winning Excellence: Fleur De Dance has been recognized for its exceptional dance instruction, making us the perfect choice for adding a touch of class and fun to your corporate event.

Events We Cater To:

✔️ Corporate Galas and Awards Nights ✔️ Product Launches and Promotions ✔️ Company Anniversary Celebrations ✔️ Team-Building Workshops ✔️ Networking Events ✔️ Conferences and Seminars

What We Offer:

Corporate Packages: Fleur De Dance will work with you to create a package that aligns with your event’s theme and objectives.

Professional Instruction: Want to get your team moving on the dance floor? We can also conduct fun and engaging ballroom dance lessons as part of team-building activities.

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Don’t miss the opportunity to elevate your corporate event to new heights with the magic of partner dancing! Contact us today to discuss your event’s requirements and secure your spot on our calendar.

Let us create lasting memories and a truly magical experience for your esteemed guests!