Dance Class Levels

There are 4 class levels at Fleur De Dance

  1. Bronze (Level 1) – This is the beginner level. All new dancers to a particular style of partner dance should always start here. 2-3 months
  2. Silver (Level 2) – This is between beginner and intermediate. Once you are confident in the basics of a particular dance style, this is where you will begin to expand your repertoire. 6-12 months
  3. Gold (Level 3) – This is the intermediate level. Once a student shows competency in silver level technique and content they are allowed to move to gold. 12 months or more
  4. Platinum (Level 4) – This is the advanced level – All platinum students must ask permission or be invited to this class. This is a supplementary class to Gold. All platinum students should continue to participate in Gold level classes. Platinum level classes are for high level dancers who show strong competency in Gold Level.