International Rally ***Extended Workshop***


Every year the West Coast Swing community worldwide learns and performs a choreographed dance that is shared collectively.

It’s called the International Rally.

…previously known as the International Flashmob. 

From local communities to national dance events, thousands of dancers come together to share in the experience. The International Rally is a social and educational “coming together.”

The choreography is challenging enough to help you grow in your dance but not so overwhelming that it takes high level commitments to learn and participate in all the fun.

Byron Bellew and Tammy Duke will be teaching the entire choreography in one extended workshop so that you can be a part.  If you’ve already learned the choreography, we will also be giving “routine” technique to help you become much more efficient in your performance.

Here is a link to the rally choreography that you will be learning.  Familiarize yourself with the basic flow of the routine but don’t worry about memorization.  We want you on a clean slate so that we can guide you through the choreography the most efficient way.

International Rally Video


Wanna learn this year’s International “Flashmob” Rally?

Flash Mob 7-5-2018.png

Register at the link below:

International Rally Extended Workshop Registration
You must register prior to the workshop.  No entries at the door will be allowed.  
This workshop will be limited to a small number of students
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