Studio Rental

Many students need space to practice …whether alone or with a few friends. We are now allowing “ACTIVE STUDENTS” to rent the studio floor space to practice.


  • The cost is $10 per person (per hour).
  • Rent it for yourself, with a partner, or a small group.
  • All you have to do is reach out to us. If the time slot is available, you can reserve the space.
  • A Harmon Kardon Bluetooth speaker will be in the studio for your use. You may also bring your own speaker if you prefer.
  • Your time in the studio will NOT be accompanied by Tammy and Byron.
  • The studio space will be monitored and protected by camera for security only. We will NOT be watching your practice!!! Feel comfortable to explore. 🙂


  • All participants must be active students (Privates or Classes) for the current month you are renting the space. For your safety and our protection, no outside participants allowed.
  • Arrange payment prior to using the space. As with all appointments, cancellations must be 24 hours in advance to avoid being charged for the time slot.
  • Please leave the studio in the same condition as you entered.
  • Only 1 hour increments are allowed. (1,2,3 hours, etc.)
  • Space can only be rented for dance practice. No beer pong parties!!! Hahaha
  • Available hours for rentals: When available…. Any day between 10am-9pm.
  • For your protection, once all students have entered the studio, please lock the front door while in the studio.
  • For our protection, please lock the front door and message us when you leave.


  1. If a group of students (maybe 8 or 10) wanted to get together and practice on a Saturday afternoon or Sunday night, can we rent the space? YEP. $10 per person, per hour. Only active students.
  2. I want to come in and work on Waltz although I’m only an active student in West Coast Swing, can I rent it? If you are an active student, you can come in and practice Zumba or River Dance. We don’t care! 🙂
  3. Is your Bluetooth speaker loud enough for 10 students to practice. Absolutely!!! It’s very loud and clear.
  4. I don’t have any music to practice, where can I find good music. Byron’s Spotify playlists are public. Also, we have west coast swing playlists on our Youtube channel.
  5. Will other students be allowed to rent the space at the same time me or my group are renting it? NO. The rental time slot is reserved exclusively for you or your group.