Study Habits

How to be most efficient and effective taking our accelerated course…

Study habits:

Our courses are designed to be studied over multiple sessions.  Try not to attempt the entire course in one session.

Like all physical training,  Repetition is key!  You must perform each piece many times to have success and retention.

Here is a good model for success:

  • Comfortable in a few days
  • Competent in a few weeks
  • Confident in a few months
  • Masterful in a few years  

Preferred method of study:

1.  View each concept first.  These concepts will be used throughout the course.

2.  Do the Warm Ups / Drills at the beginning of each study session.  Do not skip this step. It is vital to your success. Once you are familiar with the drill,  try it with our provided music at different tempos and finally to your own selection of music.

3.  Under Content Grouping,  do only one lecture “Pattern” in a study session.  Once you can successfully perform the pattern, try dancing the pattern repeatedly to music without stopping in between each time.

4.  During your next session, review the previous pattern and determine success before moving to the next pattern.  Be patient!  This is actually the fastest process to success within our courses.

5.  Once you can successfully dance grouping in the “Putting It All Together” section, try continuously dancing the grouping throughout an entire song at different tempos.

6.  Finally, we move into problem solving for both leaders and followers.  Using patterns from this course and previous courses, try to randomly choose patterns and connect them in real time.  Do this slowly and without music at first.  Once you feel comfortable with problem solving your patterns, try with music at different tempos.


Follow these guidelines and you will have great success.  Enjoy!!!!