Fleur De Dance


Fleur De Dance is excited to launch

West Coast Swing Academy – Online.

At Launch:
Over 70 hours of west coast swing instruction!

3 dance levels: Bronze (Beginner), Silver, and Gold
Each with 4 (curriculum based) guided courses.

More than:
100 patterns broken into 5 sections each • 500 Videos
30 pattern groupings with instruction and music • Over 60 Videos
30 “concept” videos
20 warmups/drills with instruction and music • Over 40 videos
18 music and movement theory videos • Over 10 Hours

All for as low as $39.99 per month!

Enroll here: West Coast Swing Academy-Online

Coming soon:
• 4 Platinum level courses / Coming in July
• Elements of conversation
• Functional Partnering
• Additional courses and videos each month.


An additional dance: Romantic Sway – A combination of many dances combined into an amazing slow dance style / 4 courses / 200 Videos / Coming in July

Excellence In Movement • Passionate About Partner Dance

• Always wanted to learn how to dance?
• Have a special occasion to get ready for?
• Want to add some new moves to your repertoire?

Whether you are looking for Ballroom, Latin, Swing, Country, or Wedding style dances, we have trained professionals that are ready to help you achieve your goals.