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Our online video dance courses are perfect for learning in the safety of your home or as a compliment to our in-studio classes at Fleur De Dance.

We have 3 monthly subscription options:

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West Coast Swing (Includes bronze courses 1-4)
$9.99 per month
ALL ACCESS -over 800 videos- ( Includes all courses, workshops, and notebooks for West Coast Swing & Romantic Sway)

$19.99 per month

Slow Dance /Romantic Sway (Includes courses 1-2)
$9.99 per month

See a summary outline of all videos included in each course.

Course Summary Outlines

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FREE Courses

Introduction to West Coast Swing
Additional Free Videos – Includes “Foot” Notes & “Sound” Advice videos

Bronze Level

Bronze Level – Course 1
Bronze Level – Course 3
Bronze Level – Course 2
Bronze Level – Course 4

Silver Level

Silver Level • Course 1
Silver Level • Course 3
Silver Level • Course 2
Silver Level • Course 4

Gold Level

Gold Level • Course 1
Gold Level • Course 3

Gold Level • Course 2
Gold Level • Course 4


Mind / Body Connection • Music & Movement Theory
Quick Access – Pattern Library
Quick Access – Concepts/Warmups/Drills Library

Romantic Sway

Slow Dance

Romantic Sway • Course 1
Romantic Sway • Course 2