Online Video Courses

Our online video dance courses are perfect for learning in the safety of your home or as a compliment to our in-studio classes at Fleur De Dance.

We now have many courses available for purchase plus our regular monthly subscription options as well. Scroll down for more information.

Monthly Subscriptions

We have 3 different options. Choose below and start today!!!!

West Coast Swing (Includes bronze courses 1-4)
$9.99 per month

ALL ACCESS -over 800 videos- ( Includes all courses, workshops, and notebooks for West Coast Swing & Romantic Sway)

$19.99 per month

Slow Dance /Romantic Sway (Includes courses 1-2)
$9.99 per month

Courses For Purchase

Unlimited usage + access to download course videos

Available courses for purchase.

  • West Coast Swing – Bronze Courses 1,2,3,4
  • West Coast Swing – Silver Courses 1,2,3,4
  • Slow Dance/Romantic Sway – Courses 1 & 2

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See a summary outline of all videos included in each course.

Course Summary Outlines

Our Courses

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FREE Courses

Introduction to West Coast Swing
Additional Free Videos – Includes “Foot” Notes & “Sound” Advice videos

Bronze Level

Bronze Level – Course 1
Bronze Level – Course 3
Bronze Level – Course 2
Bronze Level – Course 4

Silver Level

Silver Level • Course 1
Silver Level • Course 3
Silver Level • Course 2
Silver Level • Course 4

Gold Level

Gold Level • Course 1
Gold Level • Course 3

Gold Level • Course 2
Gold Level • Course 4


Mind / Body Connection • Music & Movement Theory
Quick Access – Pattern Library
Quick Access – Concepts/Warmups/Drills Library

Romantic Sway

Slow Dance

Romantic Sway • Course 1
Romantic Sway • Course 2