Meet Your Instructors

Byron Bellew & Tammy Duke

Byron BellewTammy Duke
Byron Bellew is a multi winning “All Star” level west coast swing competitive dancer, instructor, and judge.  In addition, He is a professional DJ and master of ceremonies (MC) at events around the country. Byron has over 30 years of music/dance teaching and performance experience.

Byron holds the following certifications and diplomas:

• Bachelor’s Degree in Music Education
• GPDIA Teaching Certification in West Coast Swing
• GPDIA Judging Certification in West coast Swing
• GSTDA Teaching Certification in West Coast Swing

Byron currently teaches and performs in partnership with Tammy Duke nationwide. In addition, they host and instruct as co-owners of the West Coast Swing Academy of New Orleans located at Fleur De Dance.

With over 28 years of experience, Tammy Clark Duke, has been a partner dance coach, choreographer, and teacher to both amateurs and professionals alike. She holds certifications in Ballroom, Latin, and West Coast Swing. Performing, competing and judging at various events nationwide, she has won Rising Star competitions in Ballroom and Latin as well as consistently placing in finals in other partner style dances. She is currently an All-Star competitor in West Coast Swing and continues to compete professionally in Ballroom and Latin
Ms. Duke’s ambition and love for the art of dance have taken her coast to coast teaching and training: leaving in her wake dance programs at many upscale health clubs and venues in places like New York, Florida and Texas to name a few. She has also established long standing dance programs for Tulane University. A Louisiana native with an endearment for her hometown, she opened her own studio in the New Orleans area. In November of 2010, Fleur De Dance was founded. She is excited to have a place where she can continue to promote interest in all styles of partner dance and to increase the accessibility to everyone who wants the opportunity to learn.

Byron Bellew • 985-210-9177 • bbellew72@gmail.comTammy Clark Duke • (504) 473-8264 • FleurDeDance@gmail.com

Fleur De Dance Studio

Located at 6610 Fleur De Lis Dr. in the Lakeview area of New Orleans, Fleur De Dance Studio is a 1500 Sq.Ft. facility that provides a comfortable environment for an ideal learning experience.

Fleur De Dance specializes in private instruction, classes, workshops, and events for partner style dances.

Fleur de Dance also includes the West Coast Swing Academy of New Orleans.  The Academy provides curriculum based classes and workshops designed specifically for west coast swing partner dancing from social level all the way to competition level proficiency.