Are you ready to start your beautiful journey together? Not only in life but also in dance. We believe in learning the kind of communication that makes harmonious partnering not only possible but something that will continue to grow beyond your special day. Our unique teaching style focuses on getting you both moving together naturally and fluidly. Helping you to learn how to flow within the partnership. Feeling the rhythm not the count. Creating movement instead of memorizing routines.

We’re excited to bring you an entire dance program dedicated to slow dance or as we like to call it “Romantic Sway” for your special day! If learning by video is more convenient, then this is the most comprehensive curriculum available.

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Private Lesson Rate:
$100 per 55 minutes (longer sessions are also available by request) 
• This includes up to two students participating in the lesson. 
This includes 2 instructors for demonstration and teaching in order to maintain social distancing.
Studio hours are limited in order to have only one private lesson at a time.

Wedding Party Group Class Rate:
$100 for the first two people + $15 per person after that (ex: 4 people =$130) This rate is per session and each session last 55 minutes.

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