Are you ready to start your beautiful journey together? Not only in life but also in dance. We believe in learning the kind of communication that makes harmonious partnering not only possible but something that will continue to grow beyond your special day. Our unique teaching style focuses on getting you naturally and fluidly moving together while helping you learn how to flow within the partnership.

—Feel the rhythm, not the count—
—Creat organic movement, not memorized routines—




What included:

  • 3 HOURS OF PRIVATE LESSONS (WITH 2 INSTRUCTORS) – You may want more lessons after the 3 hours. If so, lessons can be added at the regular rate of $120 per hour
  • 1 (SIMPLE) MUSIC EDITING PACKAGE INCLUDED – This is typically enough to have your song edited to the appropriate length for a wedding dance.
  • (3 MONTH) SUBSCRIPTION TO “SLOW DANCE/ROMANTIC SWAY” ONLINE COURSES – This is a great supplement to your private lessons which allows you to practice and prepare at home in between lessons.

Most couples will have enough experience to comfortably dance in about 3 private lessons. This is why we offer a wedding dance package that includes 3 lessons.

After the 3 hours which are included in the package, we can do additional private lessons at our regular rate of $120 per hour to add additional patterns and refine your dance skills if you’d like. It’s all up to you.

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Not interested in the full wedding package?

We also offer individual
1-hour private lessons.

Private lessons are a great way to get personalized dance instruction for your special day. Whether for you and your partner or for entire wedding parties. We can help!!!

Private lessons are $120 per hour and include both a LEADER and FOLLOWER instructor to help you have success in the shortest amount of time.

Private Lesson Scheduling • We do private lessons Sunday-Thursday from early afternoon until late in evening. Our available time slots are different each week.

24 Hour Cancellation Policy

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Dance Routines vs “Lead/Follow”

Option 1: Routines
Dance routines are completely choreographed performance specifically designed to your wedding song. Routines typically take a “minimum” of 10 hours for a 2.5 minute routine in order to have success. It certainly can go way more than 10 hours depending on the dancer’s experience and also complexity of the routine.

Option 2: Lead/Follow dancing
Lead/Follow dancing is making choices in real time using learned dance patterns to create spontaneous and organic dance performances. Lead/Follow dancing takes much less time due to the amount of material that has to be learned. Normally around 3 hours will do fine. Then, if you want more material or want to fine-tune your dancing, you can add a few more lessons. This, in no way, takes away from having special moments in the dance connected to the music. You simply lead/follow freely up to the point in the music where something specifically happens. Then, after that moment, you lead/follow again.

The choice is completely yours. You can decide what works best for your vision, budget, and time.

Online Video Courses

We’re excited to bring you an entire dance program dedicated to slow dance, or as we like to call it…. “Romantic Sway” for your special day! If learning by video is more convenient then this is the most comprehensive curriculum available.

Online dance video courses: Wedding/Slow Dance/Romantic Sway