First time student class information

Information that will make your experience a great one:

  • Wear casual comfortable clothes (jeans, casual shirts, tennis shoes or dance shoes)
  • No high heels for swing classes  – Swing dancing works best in a flat or very low heel shoe.
  • Show up 15 minutes early if it is your first time.
  • Feel free to bring water to drink.  We have water and soft drinks available for sale as well.
  • There is some parking in front of the studio.  There is also on street parking across the street from the studio.  It is a very safe neighborhood therefore you can feel comfortable with on street parking at Fleur De Dance. 
  • No partner necessary to participate.  We encourage (but not demand) students to rotate partners in class which greatly helps in the learning process.  Couples who wish to remain together may absolutely do so.
  • Our classes may be informative by design but they are light, fun and entertaining.  Come prepared to laugh and learn. 🙂 

West Coast Swing Class Levels

There are 4 class levels for west coast swing at Fleur De Dance

  1. Level 1 – [New dancers should start here if offered.] You are also allowed to take Level 2 in addition to the introduction class.
  2. Level 2 – This is where you learn your basics. 2-3 months
  3. Level 3 – Once you are confident in the basics, this is where you will begin to expand your repertoire. 6-12 months
  4. Level 4 – Once a student shows competency in level 3 technique and content they are allowed to move to level 4. 12 months or more

In addition to your primary class level, we always recommend taking the class level below for review and refinement.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How much do classes cost? Most classes are $15 per person unless it is a special course.

  2. Do I have to bring a partner? No. All of our classes are social style. This means all leaders rotate to all followers giving everyone an opportunity to dance with everyone else. This class style significantly increases the student’s ability to learn to dance. It is not mandatory to rotate partners, however. Although we recommend you rotate, If you have a partner and wish not to rotate, you may stay together.

  3. Do I need prior experience to begin classes? All of our Beginner level classes do not require any prior experience. All Intermediate level and above classes require that you have completed beginner level through class or private lessons in order to participate.

  4. Do I have to start classes at the beginning of the month? No. You can start anytime!!!!

  5. What is the proper attire for class? Comfortable casual. examples:Jeans and t-shirts, athletic attire such as Lululemon, shorts, comfortable casual dresses (as long as you can walk comfortably)

  6. What type of shoes should I wear? The most preferrable would be some sort of low heeled dance shoe with a suede sole. As a beginner, flat comfortable shoes such as regular tennis shoes are perfectly fine. We also sell “Dance Socks” that go over your shoes to help you turn better. NO [OPEN BACK] SANDELS (Flip Flops) OR HIGH HEELS PLEASE. Both of these types of footwear can be dangerous to you and your partners in class.

  7. How early should I show up for class? 15 minutes early if it is your first time. After that, show up in enough time to sign in and pay before class begins. Please try to be on time. We do not hold up class for late attendees.