Music Editing Services

With over 30 years of professional music production and editing experience, we are ready for your project. From simple song cuts to elaborate musical edits, we can do it all.

Fast turnaround!

Perfect for:

  • Wedding dances
  • Professional and amateur dance routines
  • Other types of performances that are not dance related

Music editing packages:

Simple – $75 per song

  • Cut intro
  • Cut ending
  • Cut out middle section
  • Simple section rearranging
  • and more…

Moderate – $150 per song

  • Removing vocals, percussion, etc
  • Moderate section rearranging with blends
  • simple overlays and layering
  • and more…

Elaborate – $225 per song

  • Adding hits and stabs
  • Elaborate overlays and layering
  • Elaborate section rearranging with blends, crossfades, effects, etc
  • and more…

For more custom jobs with sophisticated edits including music production such as new instrumentation or remixes, please inquire for a custom quote.

Why choose us:

  • Over 30 years in music production including songwriting and arranging for top Nashville publishers and producers.
  • Bachelors degree in music with focus on theory, composition, and education.
  • We have edited and arranged hundreds of songs specifically for professional & amateur dance routines worldwide.
  • We have also composed, edited, and arranged many of the top U.S Open Swing Dance Championship routine songs.
  • Editing and arranging wedding songs is one of our specialties